Homepage Option Unlimited

The Additional Homepage Content section allows for an unlimited number of layouts & customizations.

All sections of the homepage are optional. Solstice uses the WordPress Customizer, which allows you to visually see your changes before committing to them. This makes it very easy and intuitive to adjust your settings–without needing to know any code. To choose whether to display a section of the homepage, simply check a box.

You can choose whether to display any and all of the following sections: Homepage Slider, Featured Pages, Welcome Message, Featured Posts, and the Additional Homepage Content section.

The Additional Homepage Content section, in particular, is very powerful. Here, you can add any additional content to the homepage, including HTML and shortcodes.

Some ideas for this section include a welcome message, images, SEO focused content, a Google map, an opt-in offer, or a contact form.
The possibilities and layouts are endless!